Before You Buy Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are good must haves to keep the body warm during a cold season. Fleece comes from polyester yarn twisted tightly and brushed into fibers. The polyester content helps keep it dry by wicking away moisture. They make good blanket and are most preferred because of its insulating properties.

Types of Fleece Blankets Finish

  • Brushed finish fleece blanket. The texture of the surface is the same as felt. This is the most common type of fleece blanket and is favored its soft and flat feel.
  • Berber fleece blanket. These are usually flecked multicolor fabric having a coarse and lumpy surface.
  • Sherpa blanket. This looks like lamb wool. The surface nap is curled.

pink fleece blankets

  • Plush fleece blankets. These are a smooth type of blanket. The fibers to the fibers are evenly trimmed giving it a smooth surface.
  • Micro chamois fleece blankets. These are extremely lightweight having a chamois feel and at the same time have soft texture.

Some may opt for personalized fleece blankets. These types of blanket can be ordered as preferred by the user. They make good gifts for special ones. Recipient of this gift will be delighted because this is very usable. Putting initials of the receiver of this blanket is one way of personalizing it

On the hand, embroidered fleece blankets are also a good choice whether as a gift or for own use. It can be used as a thank you gift for corporate events. This kind of giveaway is reasonable enough because it is cost effective.

Care of the Fleece Blankets

To make it last long, proper care must be observed. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and must be washed under gentle cycle setting. Bleach should not be used, instead, treat it with dishwashing liquid. Add a drop to the stained area, and leave it for ten minutes.

brown sherpa blanket

Then blot the liquid with a paper towel then wash as usual. Do not use hot water, instead, use lukewarm or cold water. It can be dried on a dryer on a cloth line but avoid direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading. No need to iron. Doing so will cause damage to it. Follow this and the blanket will last longer.


Fleece blankets are a must have to give comfort and warmth. These can be purchased in different stores as well as online. When buying it, make sure to check on the quality as well as the cost of the product. Whether you wish to have a custom fleece blankets or simply a trendy multicolored prints, make sure to check on what type of materials it is made up of. Select the style that your heart desires and you are off to a comfortable and warmer sleep be it day or night.